Album Covers

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Album cover images

Right of Reply - Cover

CD COVER Design: Taslyman

Last Days Of The Crazy People's Supermarket - Insert

CD INSERT design: TWillis layout: Doctroid

There is also a CD label design based on TWillis's art. Shiro also provided a CD back image. Full art is included in the production PDF.

Last Days Of The Crazy People's Supermarket - Cover

ALBUM COVER design: Kerri's friend Robin

logo design: Kibo, based on a logo by Not R

The big second album, released in 2004. Unlike Needs More Wanger, Supermarket has the full song lyrics included in the CD booklet.

Needs More Wanger - Insert

CD INSERT design: Kibo

Kibo's version of the logo is based on one originally made by Not R. Because there are two suggested track orderings for the first album, there is an alternate cover with the same design but different text.

Needs More Wanger - Cover

ALBUM COVER design: Kibo

The one that started it all. Needs More Wanger, along with The Last Days Of The Crazy People's Supermarket, is the most complete of our CDs, since it includes cover, CD insert, and CD label.

Luxury Potato - Insert

CD INSERT No CD Insert has been designed yet.

Luxury Potato is still in the design stages.

Luxury Potato - Cover

ALBUM COVER design: Talysman

Conceived as a double album linked to Aspartame Placebo. No final track listing yet.

Bad Coelacanth - Insert

CD INSERT design: Shiro and Talysman

Shiro created the initial fish image; Talysman did minor resize and layout work.

Bad Coelacanth - Cover

ALBUM COVER design: Sanspoof

logo design: Kibo, from a logo by Not R

Palinesque image of the preparation of a nummy meal. Album cover design was completed before first song was recorded.

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