Belly Up to the Barflies

Over the past three weeks the Barflies band has been preparing for a fund-raising party to generate donations to help us put on the show again in April. (More money is needed this time because we want to qualify for nominations for a Barrymore award which requires a base scale for the performers and crew). The show will be expanded with more stories and more music.

For the event we put together a set of 17 songs including bunch of extra IBC songs and some other covers. Check out the Belly Up Set List for details.

New Song - Dainty Toffee - From Bad Coelacanth

Another song completed from the first volume/album of Bad Coelacanth. One more song left on this volume.

The song page can be found at Dainty Toffee.

The MP3 can be found here: DaintyToffee.mp3

Another Barflies! rendition: The Robot Song

Here is the MP3.

This was a crowd favorite at the Barflies! show.

Pink Noise recording and mix complete

Pink Noise on the Aspartame Placebo album.

This was an add on song that Micheal brought out and we used as an opening song in the Barflies! show. I finally finished mixing this one down.

This features Micheal, Becca, Tony, and Charlie.

The Song is Here

Still working on a number of other songs from the show.

Also started and in progress is a Bad Coelacanth track Dainty Toffee.

Barflies Cast Recordings in Progress

We did our first recording session on Sunday, and got a lot of work done on Pink Noise, George Hammond, The Robot Song and Chalice of Fire. Next up are Senseless and COMAR.

Hopefully we can schedule another session in a few weeks. With some early rough mixing I can see that we will be able to have the recordings do a nice job of representing how we performed the songs for the show.

Barflies run complete

A bunch of really good shows, though each crowd had different reactions to both the music and the acting elements of the show. Overall there were a lot of questions about where people could find the music. I made up business cards with the logo and the web-site. Checking the MP3 page hit count it has done a nice jump so I am hoping it is from the crowd. We finished up the show last Saturday (19th) with a 7PM and a 9PM show. Both went really well. After packing up all the gear we went to Tony's place for a cast party. A lot of fun including Rock Band, Beatles.

Barflies - First two shows

The first two shows were on Friday and Saturday. The Friday show was a little bit rough here and there but not bad. I think we really hit it much better on Saturday

New Song Release - Rock In My Shoe


Major Zed has release his latest single Rock In My Shoe, a collaboration with Charlie and Rebecca. Download the new MP3 here.

Barflies! project

In conjuction with the Vagabond Acting Troupe, we are just beginning the work of developing the BarFlies project as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. An incarnation of the band will be put together featuring Charlie and others, which will perform at least three IBC songs along with new background music for the other activities. The project will be a 45 minute show and is sure to be unusual as befits a Fringe Festival Show.

The site is back again.

After much work was put into creating a prototype site, there was an error in the web software after an upgrade, that caused all of the content pages to come up blank, (known as the White Screen of Death). I finally had to export the database and drop the whole thing to recreate the database from scratch. Then I had to go back and recreate the content. Since I was not sure what caused the initial problem, and it might have been in the data itself, I created it all by hand, pasting text from the export files and the archive web site.
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