Washing Crystal Balls

(MP3) Lyrics: Talysman

Title: Paddy Smith / The BBC

Arrangement: Major Zed

Album: Interrobang Cartel Tribute Album

someone dropped my future in creamy cheese sauce
now my fortune's smudged!
(fortune's smudged)
reply hazy, answer unclear,
my plans are ruined for another year

you're a fine girl
you make my toenails curl,
so don't give up on me!
sweet cherry,
my life is kind of scary,
please wash the stain from my destiny!
I see illusions of the life I'd like to lead
in my crystal ball!
(crystal ball)
but now it's dirty and unclean,
please, let me use your washing machine
you're a sweet child,
you're gentle but wild,
I wish you'd hear my plea!
sweet cherry,
I know that you feel wary,
but wash the stain from my destiny!