Stock footage of Queen Elizabeth with OINK, OINK noises


Lyrics: Tim Chmielewski

Album: Bad Coelacanth


God Save the Queen!
She's made of bacon!
I'm not faking!
It's on the stove baking!

YAY! "In bed (the clown) with Elvis and friends" is on!
The woman I wish was my girlfriend is hosting it
She always looks lovely
I had to hold the car steering wheel while she brushed her hair once


I've lost my train of thought
Oh, yes!
They had to lock up the corgis as they were eating the Queen
It was more embarrassing than Hitler Harry and the Chamber of Spanking!


Monarchists will have a fit when they hear this song!
Who cares? I don't know any!
All my friends are from pubs
Including the buxom wench barmaid I have a crush on


God Save the Queen!
She's made of bacon!
I'm having a chip butty for lunch!
I hope I don't throw up!