Stand on one foot in the eepi department

(in progress Major Zed)

Lyrics: Tim Chmielewski

Album: Bad Coelacanth

Every Wednesday afternoon
I walk through downtown
To the videogame store to check new releases
Even though I don't buy many games...
Then onto the department store
Where I walk through the perfume section
It's for no reason
Just to check out the sales assistants...
If I had my own store
I would have many obstacles to traffic
Including having people stand one foot in the eepi department
That would at least stop people walking through without buying anything...
After the department store
I walk through Chinatown
To the Chinese bakery
Where I buy Thursday's morning tea
I swing by the Chinatown Cinema to check the new releases
Then homeward bound on the tram
It's slower I know, but I like better that way...