Pre encoded Activation

Lyrics: Doctroid
Album: Rules for Dysfunctional Patterns


So you think you really know you
'til the day comes that will show you
What the multiverse might owe you
Is a kick right in the head
You behold the exposition
Of the xeno-inquisition
And your precious prime position
Is a zeppelin of lead
Once you thought you'd beat the dealer
But now Everett and Wheeler
Not to mention Edith Keeler
Teach a lesson you must learn
This and that is both and neither
And there's no such thing as either
Just ask Lachesis the weaver [1]
Every time you take a turn
Now it all comes flooding back
Decompress unzip unpack
And it's comfy as the rack
Now you know who you are really
Through a rite not touchy-feely
But more like they did a wheelie
On your parietal lobe
Like a blend of Margaret Mead and
Something thought up by Joss Whedon
It's an insight big as Sweden
In the quick flash of a strobe

[1] Pronounced LACK-ess-iss.