ZIP DRIVE CLICK OF DETH was the stage name chosen by Jacob Haller, who confusingly also is sometimes referred to as jwgh. The stage name was announced by a post in which he said:
: I'll play the concertina and my stage name will be ZIP DRIVE CLICK OF DETH! At the end of each show I will disassemble my concertina and feed it, piece by piece, to an iguana! Then I will stuff paperclips into my sinuses until they bleed! It will be great!
: I will write songs about filth and large concrete buildings and beautiful necrotizing butterflies and I will shout them out to the world in a voice filled with angst and suffering and goldfish! I will force my bandmates to perform these songs until they all want to stick my head in a blender! My songs will employ the subjunctive!
: I will die unexpectedly at the age of 32 as a result of my hitherto-unknown allergy to glitter pens!

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