I skipped lunch for this

(in progress Major Zed)

Lyrics: Tim Chmielewski

Album: Bad Coelacanth

What in the hell am I doing?
Bent over the page scribbling
I should be at the pub getting smashed!
Or playing the ticket machines at the local arcade
I have to play the Uncle Fester and Electric Chair


I skipped lunch for this?
What was I thinking?
I skipped lunch for this?
I should have been out drinking!

I could have gone for a walk down the street
And waved to the owners of the pizza parlour
On Wednesday I can go to the market and buy giant dim-sims


On Fridays, we all go out for lunch
So I don't get to do this
It's a relief that at least once a week
I don't have to skip lunch for this!


I'm going to the pub!