Casey B

CB, also known as Casey B, "lives" and "works" in Melbourne, Australalia. In Interrobang Cartel, he alternates between short frenzied bouts of recording and long, rich, complete silences. Unfortunately, he can't seem to combine the two, for he doesn't have the luck that John Cage had with silences - attempts to record them invariably end with him retreating to a sandbox and complaining that "it just didn't quite groove today". He's been a musician, and therefore unemployed, for some time now. He barracks for Collingwood and survives on chilli jaffles and lemon cordial.

The first directly kibological song he wrote was inspired by the infuriated postings of an alt.comedy.standup regular called Kimberrock, author of such classics as GO GO GO AWAY, GOD DAMNIT WILL YOU LEAVE US ALONE? and the immortal all-caps comeback "WHAT DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND ABOUT THE WORD STOF?!!!!!!?!?!?????????????????" The song, entitled "No One Wants You Here", has since faded into obscurity and, interestingly, it's Kimberrock who has the last laugh: the GOD DAMNIT WILL YOU LEAVE US ALONE? thread developed into a debate on the wisdom of offering him extra punctuation "in case he ran out", whereupon TWillis offered this perspective:

"Don't be a fool. The idea that punctuation marks are rare and valuable is totally and completely false. The whole thing is the result of a conspiracy by the Interrobang Cartel."

From there, things unravelled quickly.

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