Barflies run complete

A bunch of really good shows, though each crowd had different reactions to both the music and the acting elements of the show. Overall there were a lot of questions about where people could find the music. I made up business cards with the logo and the web-site. Checking the MP3 page hit count it has done a nice jump so I am hoping it is from the crowd. We finished up the show last Saturday (19th) with a 7PM and a 9PM show. Both went really well. After packing up all the gear we went to Tony's place for a cast party. A lot of fun including Rock Band, Beatles. We got home around 4AM, so a good party. At some point in the near future we will do a recording of our versions of the songs. I will post when they are available. We captured video of many of the shows. It will take some time, but I will try to get song clips from the best versions of the song once I have a chance to go through all the videos. Already looks like we will do a rewrite/remount in the spring (Barflies!: A 2nd Shot) . Planned to be longer with more music. More will follow as things develop.