Welcome to the unofficial Interröbang Cartel website.

The official site is at www.interrobangcartel.com, however it is in limited form and the purpose of this site is to provide the full content the site had in the past as well as more up to date information. Hopefully in the future this site will migrate back to the original domain.

Please enjoy the material.

Please contact the admin if you are a Band Member, and you can be granted authoring privileges.

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Doctroid Reviews History of IBC

Doctroid serves a bit of history | IBC What might have been?

We have some sort of anniversary coming up right? Oh wait, we just missed our 10 year anniversary?! Why didn't someone mention this?! Does this mean we have to wait until 2018 for the 15 year?!

Casey B Video on YouTube

A new old song by Kibo

While Google searching for any mentions of IBC in Kibology I stumbled across this conversation: https://groups.google.com/d/topic/sci.physics/AgqUmYf3iAE/discussion Songs lyrics from Mark Edwards related to a song idea from Kibo, circa 2006. I have added it to the Singles list until it can get placed in one of the Albums. Why waste material?

Working with images

I have never really gotten the Images and Image Assist plugin's to work correctly.

Files are uploaded and put in the appropriate directory. Different size images are created including thumb nails.

The main problem comes from trying to include the images in the page with the [/[Image:image_name ]] tags.

It uses the image title as the URL link which never resolves since the actual file name is different and the path is not correct either, even though I have the module settings setup to where I want the files to go.

For fans of Casey B and The Drowsy Drivers

Casey B has been a prolific contributor to the IBC song collection over the years, however that was not the start, (nor likely then end) of his musical work. Recently he has filled in much of the musical compilation on his web site Drowsy Drivers including an inline MP3 player and the ability to download the songs.

The site includes Drowsy Driver work, his IBC songs as well as songs from his "Keating: The Musical" and more. Well worth checking out.

New Site Feature - IBC Radio

At the top of the left side bar there is a new section with Start Player button. This brings up a new window with the new Interrobang Cartel Music Player. It is a flash based player so you may need to make sure you have the plugin installed. It plays all of the available songs from the site.

UPDATE - I resolved all the broken links.

DNS for interrobangcartel.com

In case anyone has tried to go to www.interrobangcartel.com and discovered that the site is down, please don't panic. Our DNS servers changed and I didn't update the records by the deadline. I've changed them now, and the changes will propagate within the next 48 hours. Until then, the site will still be available at interrobang.jwgh.org, if anyone needs it. I know it's not getting heavy use right now, but certainly the MP3 page is still accessible.

New Show Info - "Barflies - Second Shot"

from the Vagabond Acting web site:

"Life at the bottom of the glass, and the spirits we all serve."

April 8, 9, 10, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24 at 9 p.m.
April 11 at 7:30 p.m.
April 10, 17 and 24 at 7 p.m.
Tickets $15
at L2 Restaurant, 2201 South St, Philadelphia, PA

Featuring: Claire Golden Drake, David Ehrenkatz, Russ Addis, Jana Nogowski, Nina Schrader, Tony Vitullo, Charles Wright, Rebecca Wright, Michael Yates and Todd Jones

An ensemble development work created under the direction of Aileen McCulloch

New version of Morris Chickens

For the Barflies fundraiser I did an acoustic version of Morris Chickens.

You can get to the song here: The Song.

It has also been added to the MP3 Page.

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